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Heating & AC Repair

The air conditioning and heating units in your car can have a major impact on your driver, making his or her job much easier and more enjoyable. Keep your employees safe, happy and productive by making sure the air conditioning and heating units are always working as they should. While it is important to maintain optimal temperatures in your vehicle’s engine, you also need to make sure your vehicle’s cab is comfortable for the driver.
Car AC

How AC System Works

When you start your vehicle’s air conditioning system, the compressor works by putting the refrigerant under pressure, sending it to the condensing coils, which are generally in front of your vehicle’s radiator. The condenser expels hot air to outside the car, cooling the air within the vehicle. When this happens, the refrigerant is cooled, and it changes form a gas to a liquid, which then passes through the expansion valve and to the evaporator.

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In the winter months, waiting for your vehicle to heat up can sometimes feel like an eternity. If your vehicle’s cab stays frigid in the winter, it can be exhausting to your driver and even detrimental to their health. Make sure your vehicle’s cab is always comfortable and bring your vehicle to Landmark Auto and Diesel Repair if its heating unit is not working as it should.
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